Even with ADHD, It’s Never Too Late…

Many adults diagnosed with ADHD, or believe that they have ADHD, become more aware of challenges in their personal and/or professional lives as they get older. My symptoms were fairly managable until I had children and began to take on more responsibility. I then noticed many of the challenges that I had experienced in my childhood were showing up in my children. After both of my children later received a diagnosis of ADHD, I then recieved confirmation that I too have ADHD. It was then that my entire life began to make sense, I was in my mid 40’s when all of this began to happen. One of my first thoughts were, “I am too old to have ADHD!” I then realized that you are never too old to (continue to) have ADHD.

Even though you may have been diagnosed late in life, even though you feel that you have struggled, and continue to struggle in life, it is never too late to find your purpose, to gain an understanding of your ADHD. Embrace your unique qualities, understand your unique challenges and learn how you can turn those challenges into opportunities to succeed in your life. This is particularly important for those of us with ADHD. The first step must involve an understanding of what (YOUR) ADHD means to you. What challenges do you experience? What will it take to turn those challenges into opportunities for you? Learn how you can accommodate the challenges that may be preventing you from achieving happiness, or your “success” if you will.

It is never too late to discover the opportunities available while living with adult ADHD; it’s never too late to discover your life’s purpose!

Sincerely embracing my ADHD!,


ADHD: Find the Passion and Meaning in your Life

I invite you to listen to my interview with Carolyn A. Brent, Author and Blog Talk radio host. We discuss why it’s important to find your Life’s Purpose, and how my having ADHD actually helped me discover my Purpose!

Carolyn is the author of the Amazon #1 selling book “Why Wait? The Baby Boomer’s Guide to Preparing Emotionaslly, Financially aand Legally for a Parent’s Death” and Host of Blog Talk Radio show- Why Wait.

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