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I founded Career Coaching for ADHD after realizing that like me, there are other adults diagnosed with ADHD or suspect that they have ADHD/ADD, seeking resolution with career and workplace issues; that are often a result of their ADHD.  When I first learned that I have ADHD, I needed support and answers to many questions, but I never knew where to turn.  My ADHD diagnosis came as a result of my 2 young children being diagnosis with ADHD.  I noticed many of the same symptoms in myself that were identified as ADHD in my children.  That was a turning point in my life, I never ‘knew’ of anyone that had ADD/ADHD yet my children were being diagnosed and me, of all people–an adult!.  Throughout my life and for as long as I can remember, I knew that something about my life was a bit (well, more than a bit) different than that of my peers.  I now know that ADHD is a lifelong disorder beginning in childhood and continuing into adulthood.  

I was fortunate to have a career in the medical / pharmaceutical industry as a sales consultant, which allowed me to interact with different specialties of physicians and also allowed me to work in a non-structured environment.  Both of which were key to my success; working with science and medicine, which I love, not having too much of a routine to get board doing and allowing an outlet for my energy (my hyperactivity).  Soon after my diagnosis, I spent the next 10 years of my Medical and Pharmaceutical sales career working in the area of Psychiatry and Neurology, learning about ADHD and depression from some of the top Medical professionals in the field of attention difficulties and learning difficulties.  I learned how ADHD affects me in my life and how it effects my children.  ADHD effects each of us differently.  

My particular struggles had been at times overwhelming  before my diagnosis, but after my diagnosis and treatment and, with a support system, I am able to function much more efficiently. I have developed a course of action that allows me effectively manage my ADHD and ultimately change my life for the better.   

My Personal / Professional Background:

  • Career Coach – with a focus on adults with ADHD.
  • Bachelors of Science degree in Biology and Chemistry.
  • 32 years experience in Medical / Pharmaceutical sales, program development and management of speaker programs.
  • 10 years of my sales career spent in the fields of Neurology and Psychology, I also worked for a manufacturer of anti-depressants and for one of the largest manufacturer of ADHD medications for children and adults, learning a great deal about the clinical aspects of ADHD.  Having this experience has also given me the opportunity to gain an in depth understanding about the science of attention and learning disorders.  During this period I was trained extensively on the disease state, medications used and various treatments used.  I often consulted with thought leaders in the field of ADD/ADHD, which lead to being able to develop an understanding of the clinical aspects of ADD/ADHD while living with the physical challenges of ADHD.  By developing a greater understanding of the total picture, I have a deeper understanding, of our uniqueness and of the relationship of other conditions that are often associated with ADD/ADHD; the physical, social and emotional difficulties that cften come with ADHD.   


I understand the many misconceptions and myths that people have associated with having ADHD, especially when the ADHD/ADD is in adults.  I want my friends, my family and even my Physicians, to understand that ADHD is real and that it is present in adults as well as in children, oftentimes they do not.  There are many of physicians and other medical professionals that either minimize the importance of diagnosis and treatment of ADHD, particularly in adults. 


I am passionate about helping adults overcome workplace challenges; adults like you, that have ADHD/ADD or suspect that they have ADHD, and that are facing challenges in the workplace, such as: a  lack of focus, difficulty paying attention,  difficulty completing tasks, difficulty following directions, time management, or other challenges like planning, organizing and prioritizing (also refered to as executive functioning.)


As I have coached individuals to find their life’s purpose in their career, whether facing a new ADHD diagnosis,  having been diagnosed or just suspect that something is ‘not quite right’, it is more apparent that career challenges are one of the greatest frustrations in having ADHD .   The systems that I have developed will not only help you to  cope with your ADHD challenges in your career, but will actually allow you to develop ways to  thrive by building on an awareness of–and stratigies for–turning your challenges into opportunities in the workplace and in life.  It is never too late to discover new opportunities to have a more rewarding career.


My mission is:   To help the Medical community understand that ADHD is a disorder that spans a lifetime, not just in childhood.  Also to help other adults   to build awareness of the challenges that their ADHD may create, by developing strategies to identify and address their challenges and create better opportunities for their lives.


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This is my story…

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Career Coaching for ADHD is the place where adults of all ages, who suspect or know that they have ADHD, come to seek professional support with a variety of career needs.

I look forward to helping you with navigating your career and learning proven ways to help you turn your career challenges into career opportunities!


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